Ltd. Lifetime Warranty

All products are warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the item or as long as I am physically able to do so.

​I will repair your knife, including parts, labor and or replacement with a new knife at my discretion. Keep in mind, repair is not always possible or practical. I will replace your knife with the same or one that is comparable if the same knife is no longer available. An estimate time frame for the repair will be discussed when needed and may vary depending on my workload.

What voids warranty?

  • Repair, disassembly or modification by anyone but a SharpByDesign employee.
  • Incorrect sharpening.
  • Neglect/Lack of maintenance.
  • Improper use.

Sending in your knife for repair.

  • Email me to discuss the issue you are having with your knife. Provide pictures, video or whatever it takes to describe the problem.
  • Print out my return form.
  • Box up your knife. It is preferred if you used the same SharpByDesign box the knife came in and pack that in a box with the printed return form. Fill and space in the box with peanuts or some other type of void fill. Tape the box well. The nylon reinforced tape is beat as it is very durable and helps prevent theft.
  • I recommend that you insure your package, require a signature and tracking. This will help protect you against possibility of loss or damage to your knife. Note that knife loss, including shipping to and from the me, is not covered under warranty.
  • You are responsible for the return shipping cost. I will ship it back any way you prefer.

Cosmetic and wear items

I do not offer a service to repair or refinish the knives for cosmetic issues as If I did, that’s all I would be doing all day every day. Finishing is 2/3 the work of making a knife.
Bearings, pins, pivots and inserts are wear items and will require a charge for the parts and labor.

Using your knife correctly

Use your knife to cut. It was not made to be pry bar, screwdriver or a shovel. Use it to cut and it will treat you well for a long time to come.

Satisfaction Guarantee/Refund policy

If in any way you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact me. Custom and production knives have 48 hours from time of delivery to contact me for full value replacement or refund. After 48 Hours, it is my decretion to accept return of any unused/new condition items. 15% restocking fee will associated with any returns.

PreOrder Policy

Once the preorder has been processed and the order placed with the manufacturing company, preordered knives can not be changed or canceled. You can forfeit your deposit or wait for the knife to come in and it could be sold.